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Graduation & Party Photography

Capturing the Essence of Your Big Day

Getting photographs of your big day, whether that is the long anticipated graduation or a party to remember, is essential. Ever since I began my career in photography, I’ve particularly enjoyed capturing these special moments and ensuring there is a permanent record of your achievement. Depending on your requirements, I can provide my expert instruction or fit seamlessly into the background of the action. 

For graduations, our on-site studios open as soon as gowns become available, so you can have your portrait taken before the ceremony if you prefer. If you would like to book and secure your place in advance, we currently offer free p+p to all advance bookings. Otherwise, make sure you are early so you have enough time to get the photographs you want of yourself and your friends and family.


My Photography Service Includes


Individual Hand Processing

After each shoot every image is individually edited and checked so you can be assured they are of the highest quality.


Stylised Shoots

I have an eye for aesthetics and take pride in ensuring every shot is balanced and stylised to perfection. I also understand that some people are more comfortable in front of the camera than others, and if needed, I can provide expert advice on posing, gestures, props etc. so you can get the most from your photoshoot.


Discreet Airbrushing


Included in my initial quotation is an airbrushing service. Each images is very discreetly air-brushed so you can look your best in your photographs.

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Private Online Gallery


Post-shoot, you will be able to view all of your images remotely from your own private online gallery. From here, you can browse through the collection and choose the best shots for print from the comfort of your own home.


State of the Art Equipment

As a photographer, I know the increased value that can be derived when state of the art equipment is used, from lighting to lenses. On the day, you can be assured I will be equipped appropriately to deliver the best results possible. 


Free Consultation


Prior to every shoot, I give a free consultation call to discuss your specific requirements and visions for your shoot. From here, I can make any prior arrangements so to avoid any unnecessary complications on the day.

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Contact Me for a Picture Perfect Service

If you want a professional yet discreet photographer capturing you on your big day, then look no further. I will ensure that everything runs smoothly, and no moment is lost with quality and atmospheric photos which will remind you of those special moments for years to come. Please get in touch to discuss your specific photography needs.

0161 312 1297

07795 965 848

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My Graduation & Party Photography Portfolio

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